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Map of the Cataloochee Valley

Map of Cataloochee

Below is a map of the Cataloochee Valley which shows many of the places mentioned in this article about the history of Cataloochee along with the roads and trails found in and around the Cataloochee valley. To visit these area's in Cataloochee mentioned in the article, we have a downloadable/printable version of this map of Cataloochee for you to you explorer and find your way around the area during your visit to Cataloochee and the beautiful valley that surrounds it. Visit many of the homesteads, schools and churches mentioned and you can easily envision what life must have been like it for early residents and how things improved throughout the generations. Cataloochee is part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but it's on the North Carolina side of the park, which never seems to get anywhere near the amount of visitors as the Tennessee side of the park. Although not as popular, maybe that's yet another reason why Cataloochee is so uniquely different, so naturally peaceful, beatiful and unlike any other area's of the park.




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