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Points of Interest

Points of Interest

Planning a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains? Maybe for a family reunion, or perhaps taking the whole family for a vacation or possibly a wedding, maybe even your own? Whatever your reason for visiting, you'll want to learn some of the points of interest for Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and other areas throughout the Great Smoky Mountains region.


The Great Smoky Mountains have an abundance of history. Finding some of these points of interest will help you to learn what life here was once like for the Native Americans, the first European Settlers, and the people who’ve been there since.  For example, you might want information about the facts of what caused the Trail of Tears to happen or are there any Lakes within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or learn some of the history of the Cataloochee Valley.  You may just decide to check out an area simply because there's such a rich and interesting history.

Places to Eat

You can find some great places to eat within our Points of Interest section so you’re not having to search for reviews of restaurants at the last minute. Here's an article about the 7 Places to Eat in the Wears Valley Area.  In the PiddlinEATS section you can browse all area restaurants by City/Town, type of food or search for a specific restaurant by name and even  read reviews from people who've actually been there so you know if it’s somewhere you want to go… or somewhere to avoid.

Of course, you don’t have to know the history of the Great Smoky Mountains to enjoy the different points of interest, but it sure doesn’t hurt!  Imagine knowing all about the Haunted Inns and Hotels.  When you visit them, you’ll know exactly what happened there, and know what to expect… maybe you’ll even see a ghost or two!   In the end, it’s up to you how much history you want to know.  Just remember that knowing about the different areas can enrich your journey through the Great Smoky Mountains.

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