Smoky Mountains

Are you visiting the Great Smoky Mountains?  There are a number of reasons to visit this historical and beautiful area and while you’re there, there are hundreds of different things to do.  But what makes the Great Smoky Mountains such a wonderful place to visit? What makes it so special and so well-loved?  There are many reasons.

Check out our many articles about the Great Smoky Mountains and see for yourself why this park is one of the most visited national parks in America, with over a million visitors per year! There is an abundance of historical facts: you can read about Horace Kephart and the Smoky Mountains: understand his place in creating the Smoky Mountains.  You can also read the Cherokee Indian timeline and history and see how they influenced the national park.  It’s important that we not forget how and why this park came to be, or the people who devoted their lives to the land. There are plenty of living memories in the great Smoky Mountain National Park, and knowing about these different stories and tales keep the history alive: something that we want to preserve forever, right alongside the park itself.

There are other things you can find out too:  you can read all about the plants and wildlife of the Smoky Mountains.  Find out the name of that beautiful plant you saw!  Find out the rich history behind the Cherokee Rose.  You can also read about the different types of wildlife in the park.  There are myths about the black bear that are both fascinating and enriching. There are also plenty of legends of the Great Smoky Mountains for you to read up on.  Knowing these legends and myths won’t necessarily change your trip, but they can certainly make it more meaningful.

Not only can you find out a great amount of history about the Smoky Mountains, you can also find thing like money saving tips.  Even if you’ve budgeted for your vacation, it’s always helpful to know how and where you can save some cash.  So come to the Great Smoky Mountains and enjoy your stay.  Find out the history of the different places you visit, and make sure you get the most bang for your buck.  You won’t regret choosing this as your destination hot spot.

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