Welcome to the Cabin Owners & Managers Section of Piddlin.com

PiddlinPro and PiddlinMatch are new, innovative tools for both rental property owners and managers alike.

As a property owner, you are now able to both control your rental property and partner with several local companies, allowing them to do most of the work for you.  If you’re worried about double booking, don’t be!  Our proprietary software prevents double bookings.

Included with PiddlinPro is an inspector/owner’s rep for your cabin.  This will guarantee that you’re cabin is kept clean and maintained.  This will help make sure your investment property continues to be worth every dime you spent on it!

When you’re ready to get started, you can select from a list of various rental companies.  You can pick out as many (or as few) as you want. You can always add or remove rental companies to your profile whenever you’d like.  You’ll also be kept up to date on new rental companies that join PiddlinPro.

It’s pretty easy to get started.  Just create an account, review the terms of service, verify your information, and add a credit card.  The credit card is purely for verification purposes.  You’ll see a $1 hold that will be removed later on.


Owners of rental properties are often mislead by so-called experts in the property management game. They’re given false or misleading information about the management agreements, Unrealistic revenue guarantees, and what they can actually expect from the management companies.

Piddlin Match is designed with property owners in mind. This application allows property owners to create an account, list their vacation homes, and receive bids from various area rental management companies. By allowing the owners to remain anonymous, property owners are given the opportunity to do their own research on the reputation of these rental companies. They can review bids from the rental management companies in their own time without feeling rushed or pressured.

No property addresses or contact information are visible to the rental management companies until such time as the property owner chooses the company they’d like to go with. Once that decision has been made, all information necessary to connect the parties will be fully disclosed.


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