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Gatlinburg's Mysterious Mansion in Gatlinburg, TN

Gatlinburg's Mysterious Mansion

About Gatlinburg's Mysterious Mansion

We invite you to join us in a terrifying excursion to explore this classic “turn of the century” haunted mansion. Let your fears awaken and discover the startling secrets of this dreadfully daunting domain. If you dare to step inside this once grand abode you shall take an unguided tour finding your way through secret passageways, eerie dark corridors, winding staircases and spine chilling chambers that will curdle the blood of even the bravest of souls! But BEWARE! You never know what restless, rotting residents might be lurking around the corner in each foreboding room ahead! …or BEHIND YOU! Join us and Release Your Screams in Gatlinburg’s original haunted house! IF YOU DARE!

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Gatlinburg's Mysterious Mansion
424 River Road
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Visit Website or Call (865) 436-7007