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In order to participate on lodging search, all we require is at least 1  DOFOLLOW link (or more)  from your website to our website. You can link to our home page, or you can link to of the content on our website library.

While most Other sites such as, tripswithpets, etc., want to charge you a fee per property per year just to list your business on their website, simply asks for a minimum of 1 dofollow link.

We don’t like, nor do we agree with the way these National travel websites have absolutely zero properties to rent, without you they have no business, yet they want to control your business and dictate to you how you’re going to do things. National travel sites want to tell you things like;

·       Guests like being able to book through them

·       They want to give the guests the best experience possible.

·       Guests are less confused by simply having 1 place to do everything

·       Travelers know and trust their website, they’re a national brand

More and more of these sites are taking your money and your guests money while telling you, you can’t do it without them. How did you make it before they came along?  National travel sites constantly try to force you to use their booking software, and they’ll promptly take a percentage of your income, and for what? Building and promoting their website? What exactly is in it for you? There are other ways to get traffic to your website.

All National travel websites share 1 common thread, each and every one of them have to rely on your business in order to survive. The ONLY thing these sites do is build and market THEIR websites while taking revenue from you and charging your guests a fee for the privilege of making a reservation through their website, when they could be booking directly through you. Also, when your guests use these national travel sites, their data is captured, and those national sites use that data to market their OTHER travel websites to your guests. Then guess what, they have by-passed you and gone directly to them. is trying to put a stop to this craziness and restore simple and fair bookings. We don’t want a fee for sending guests to you to book. We don’t ask for a percentage of your hard-earned revenue either.

So, sign up today and help us restore the simplicity to making a reservation.